StudioVisitVideoLOGO w brushstrokes and video player symbols of pause and play and tag line" document your studio practice"

"Man Bartlett: Artist"
3 min 30 sec.

Man Bartlett's studio practice included painting obscurely figurative works based on carbonization bubbles and other similar shapes. He's articulate about his work, with a minimum of artspeak. His space in the Lumber Company studio building on Division had clues to his sources but the most interesting part was seeing him press his face close to the paper, drawing the tiniest possible repetitive figure, stopping only to uncramp his hand against the wall.
He also discusses his work at Flat File Galleries. His gallerist,
Susan Aurinko, herself a fine art photographer with an international reputation, talks about how strongly people connected to the work.

Man chose the music by his friend, Nick Butcher. I wasn't yet working in HD video when I made this.