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A frame from Barbara Koenen's video, she's looking at the camera and gesturing
Photo of Chuck Close being interviewed by Doug vanderHoof surrounded by lighting equipment Frame from Phyllis Bramson's video, her face next to a 'slide' of her work A frame from Lynn Basa's video, Basa at work in her studio surrounded by her paintings A frame from Man Bartlett's video, closeup of him painting at his easel, dramatic lighting

"Barbara Koenen:
The War Rug Project"

Chuck Close Interview

"Phyllis Bramson:
Love and Affection
in a Hostile World"

"Man Bartlett: Artist"

"Lynn Basa:Black&White"

The Studio Visit Video project supports visual artists by documenting the art-making process, on-site, in the studio. These 3-6 minute broadcast-quality films articulate the behind-the-scenes process to collectors, curators, exhibitors, critics, and colleagues.

Artists can incorporate this short film into their self-promotion and distinguish themselves in the online sphere of websites, blogs, and social media. Web video is the new vernacular and STUDIO VISIT VIDEO's purpose is to use it enrich the experience each viewer gains from learning about you and your work, and to contribute to the cultural history of Chicago.

s document:

  • Artists talking about their work
  • Images of finished and in-progress work
  • Artists working
  • Studio layout and appearance
  • Interviews with the artist's critics, colleagues, collectors

"STUDIO VISIT VIDEO is a Chicago-based organization I founded to document artists and their studio practices.
Some of these films, like the Chuck Close interview and the Phyllis Bramson piece, are paid commissions from the artist or their gallerists or other supporters , and some, like the Barbara Koenen film, are personal projects.
I treasure these studio visits, the contact with the artists and their work, and I want these films to matter, to be a contribution to the art history, the cultural memory of Chicago."
Doug vanderHoof, filmmaker