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Pencil sketch portrait of Doug vanderHoof by famous American portraitist Bo Bartlett

Artists and art have always been central in my life. My parents were both amateur artists, with professional artists as friends.

In an unbroken chain from a Brownie Starflash and a borrowed Wollensak tape recorder, through Nikons, to state-of-the-art HD video, I’ve been photographing and recording people my whole life. Since 1985 it’s been my full-time work, and artists are some of my favorite subjects.

I graduated from Columbia College in NYC with a degree in English, having worked in the Journalism School and helped on student films.

Pencil sketch of me by Bo Bartlett
used with his kind permission.

Since then, my work has been on the CBS Evening News, in front of US Congress committees, tabloid tv, film festivals, hip hop videos, American Bohemian (a nano-budget feature film, shot in Manhattan,) and arts documentaries. The backstage, fly-on-the-wall aspect of making documentaries is one of my greatest satisfactions. It’s always being on a field trip, never having to go to class.
Some of my subjects and clients: Chuck Close, ACLU, Chrysler, Kirkland Ellis, Abbott Labs, Montel Williams, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Dale Chihuly. For more information on my filmmaking experience and projects, please visit, (for litigation media),

STUDIO VISIT VIDEO is a Chicago-based organization I founded to document artists and their studio practices.
Some of these films are personal projects and some are paid commissions from the artist or their gallerists.
I treasure these studio visits, the contact with the artists and their work, and I want these films to matter, to be a contribution to the art history, the cultural memory of Chicago.

Doug vanderHoof's arts-focused resumé, pdf.