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Photo of Chuck Close being

One of my earliest experiences with art documentary. I'm interviewing Chuck Close at the Henry Gallery in Seattle. He was so easy to work with that I think I got spoiled and my fate as an arts documentarian was sealed.

Chuck Close Interview

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Frame from Phyllis Bramson's video, her face next to a 'slide' of her work

If you don't know her work, this Studio Visit Video will be a treat. Charming, provocative, defying easy definition, Phyllis Bramson's painting/collages made it easy to make good video and her commentary is intimate. When Elizabeth Whiting at the Union League Club of Chicago arranged to show this video alongside Bramson's work, I felt like the video became a bit of art history. Commentary by Miranda McClintic and Lanny Silverman.

Phyllis Bramson:
"Love and Affection
in a Hostile World"

Lynn Basa working with beeswax and oil on paper. She's using a torch and brush, working quickly on materials that melt and morph like lava or miscible liquids.

A frame from Lynn Basa's

"Lynn Basa:Black&White"

Man Bartlett, who has since expanded to performance, emoji, and probably everything else, is here drawing carbonization bubbles, part figurative, part abstract. Video of him drawing in his studio, an interview in Flat Files Gallery, and an interview of his gallerist, Susan Aurinko.

A frame from Man Bartlett's video, closeup of him painting at his easel, dramatic lighting

"Man Bartlett: Artist"

Barbara Koenen creates copies of the war rugs of Afghan women, but using spices and fireworks. Her commentary places the work firmly in the camp of humane politics practiced with beauty. Includes others' stills of her creating the installations.

A frame from Barbara Koenen's video, she's looking at the camera and gesturing

"Barbara Koenen:
The War Rug Project"

Dimitri Pavlotsky paints in an extreme impasto style, the paint put on so thickly that it continues to shift after it's applied. In this Studio Visit Video, he talks about his classical training in Russia and his later influences. There's also an entertaining interview with

Dimitri Pavlotsky frame holding large charcoal sketch

"Dimitri Pavlotsky: Painter"

The Art House Experience frame title over view of her door

Rebecca George's school, The Art House. The artists studying here uniformly claim that she's changed their careers and their lives.

The Art House Experience frame title over view of her door

"The Art House Experience"




The Art House Experience frame title over view of her door